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It’s amazing what can become a routine in your life. A couple of years ago I was extremely overweight and my idea of physical activity was walking to the refrigerator a few extra times for snacks. I hated exercise. I … Continue reading

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Be Bold

There is a certain necessary schizophrenia to being a working writer that is difficult to embrace. I don’t feel like I am alone in being drawn to the act of writing to tell stories to as many people as I … Continue reading

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Balance, nahhhhh

I was struggling with a topic this week when I turned to Facebook and got a great one. Balance. Specifically a friend suggested that I write about how I balance riding, work, family, fatherhood, and life in general. Where exactly … Continue reading

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Halfway Home

A little over 26 weeks ago I posted my first blog in a new challenge. It was titled, appropriately enough, “The Challenge” and it detailed the idea and rules behind my new undertaking. I was about to attempt to write … Continue reading

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Under the Dome of Doping

Steph King books and cycling? In one blog? How is this going to work? I love Stephen King books. I have been reading and enjoying each story as it arrives for most of my life. I hate movies based on … Continue reading

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Further Lessons from the Edge

It’s been a weird few weeks. As I posted last week, I completely failed a ride. That is the first time I have ever failed or given up on the bike. I had to bail out of a 62 mile … Continue reading

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I Almost Quit Today

Today’s blog is the first one since starting the 52 posts in 52 weeks challenge that I really thought about missing a week. It has been a long weekend. To be honest, it was a long week followed by a … Continue reading

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The Challenge!

I started this site back in September as a way to write about cycling and life. I had dreams of blogging through my unemployment and weight loss while saving my sanity. I feel like I have managed to post a … Continue reading

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