Fun Projects

I’m going back to structured updates.  Each time I think I can wing it I forget to write for at least a year.  Not ideal if you are trying to channel some time of creative energy and stay a little closer to sane.  So, at least once a week I am going to write something, but mostly keep updating the blog about some of the fun projects that I am working on.

My first project is my office.  My wife and I bought a used iMac.  This is going to be my creative tool and the base of a lot of my new projects.  My awesome family gifted me many iTunes gift cards so I could purchase Final Cut Pro.  I managed to find a really good deal on a GoPro and I am saving up for a 4K video camera (once again, my family has been donating gift cards).  Once upon a time I used to shoot and edit video.  I am trying to get back to that.  I just recently set up my office in the spare bedroom and I am updating the blog on the new iMac, so we are getting closer.

This leads into the next project that I am working on.  Fred, a good friend of mine, owns Callahan’s Performance Bowling.  We have been shooting bowling ball reviews and growing his YouTube channel named after the pro shop.  This has been a lot of fun and what has inspired me to go back to shooting and editing videos.  If you get a chance, go check out the channel.   Callahans Performance Bowling YouTube

Along with the video content we are also putting together a series of local tournaments.  IT should be a fun series that will run from February thru August and give bowlers in New England a chance to chase individual wins and work towards qualifying for a Tournament of Champions as well.

So watch this space, or any of my social media posts to see what we are working on.  I have a couple of other fun things in the works as well.  Hopefully I can carve out some time to keep everything I’m juggling in the air and keep the blog updated!


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