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New Balance Review Part 2

Back in March I wrote a review of my experience at New Balance South Windsor and how I struggled to find the correct shoe and fit. I had tagged the brand and store is some of my tweets promoting the … Continue reading

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Pearl Izumi

What matters more, words or actions?  Should a company be held to a standard based on their advertisements or their products?  What do you do when they contradict each other? I found a great blog the other day because of … Continue reading

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Spartan Race

Sparta. Wow. This one is difficult to write about. It is difficult to describe the challenge of the event. It’s difficult to describe the emotions. It’s difficult to convey everything that went on the day of the race without slipping … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

One of the many things that I put to the side while on hiatus was my nomination for a Versatile Blogger Award. First things first I would like to thank Julie Stock for nominating me. She is a great writer, … Continue reading

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