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Help Wanted!

So, this all got a little out of control, but in a most excellent way. I started all of this, both the writing and the biking as a way to kill some time. On a whim I decided to push … Continue reading

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Soundtracks of Life

I think we all have that album, though I am dating myself by calling one that. That certain album, tape, cd, MP3, whatever you want to call it that takes you back in time. The one that was there providing … Continue reading

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Milestone Monday

I have been waiting to write this post since the beginning of my 40 day focus on fitness. I was hoping to end that time with this post, but it was not to be. I had to wait a little … Continue reading

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Big Announcement!

Last week I talked about some big things coming up this year and how much I wanted to talk about them but I couldn’t because it wasn’t quite time. Well, today there is something to announce. I will be a … Continue reading

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As I sit here Sunday night I realize I have nothing to say! Not a good feeling starting the fourth month of the 52 week challenge. I have the Charlie Brown Easter Special playing in the background and I am … Continue reading

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