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Fat Lad At The Back

One of the things that I originally wanted to write about when I started this blog was cycling products for larger cyclists. When I started riding I was 365 pounds. Nothing fit. My bike broke more than once. Spokes popped … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Need a Ride

I haven’t been on the bike much after my last ride on Martha’s Vineyard. I could, and will, make some excuses, but I just didn’t feel like riding for a week. I rode my metric century (100 kilometers) on a … Continue reading

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My Favorite Book

I read. A lot. I imagine that it comes as no real surprise. As a writer I am also an avid reader. I go through about a book a week, though it has slowed down considerably with the writing, working, … Continue reading

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Martha’s Vineyard Ride Report

There is something about being a middle aged cyclist, or really middle aged athlete in general, that makes everyone around you wonder if you are a little crazy. After the last three weeks I think I have finally earned the … Continue reading

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