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Sometime during my childhood, I made a conscious decision that instead of being a doctor, I would be a writer. I've always loved words, books, reading, and so this became part of who I am. In spite of the writing experiences I have had (more limited than I can truly be proud of), I haven't yet written a book. Blogging is meant as practice toward that goal, as well as getting things from my mind down in words for possible discussion with others who might be having similar thoughts and life experiences. I hope to make positive connections with other parents, spouses, people.

Vulnerable: Do I Want You to Read My Blog? Yes…And No

Julia from IloveYouMoreThanIcecream is back with an amazing guest post. She perfectly captures what every blogger feels as they hover over the publish button wondering if they have left too much of themselves out there for the world to see. … Continue reading

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Fitness Freak: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Attempting a Healthy Living

Today is the first guest post by Julia from ILoveYouMoreThanIceCream. She is a friend and fellow blogger who is sharing some of her thoughts on her personal journey to and through fitness. She is a remarkable mom and writer who … Continue reading

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