Bike as Gift: Eliminate Drama; Preserve Sanity

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How can you give a bicycle to someone as a gift and be sure it’s the right one? And by ‘right one’, I mean not only type and size, but also style and color (BIG with kids!). Throw in the all-important ‘availability’ and you’ve potentially got a recipe for disappointment on the part of the recipient, as well as regret and wasted time on the part of the gift-giver. So here’s how to significantly lessen and eliminate the anxiety that can accompany giving a bike as a gift:

  1. Bicycles that come with a great price tag that are purchased in great quantity by discount warehouses do NOT come assembled. And the one you pick could have been damaged in transit or mishandled. So you get a stress headache returning a damaged or partially assembled bike. Do you really have that kind of time this holiday? Solution: Buy the bike…

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