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When Are You A Real Cyclist?

Well, it finally happened. I had a moment that made me laugh (after the fact) and think I think I am finally a cyclist. I was on a ride following a local bike path. It is a paved path that … Continue reading

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Fat Guy Fitness

Last week’s blog sparked a different response than I anticipated. Actually, I don’t normally get much of a response at all, so any response tends to be unanticipated. The blog about plateaus seemed to resonate with people, but not the … Continue reading

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Death, Taxes, and Plateaus

How do you deal with plateaus when it comes to fitness or riding? I ask, because I really have no idea. I think we all know what the experts say. We parrot is back to each other when we have … Continue reading

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Milestone Monday

I have been waiting to write this post since the beginning of my 40 day focus on fitness. I was hoping to end that time with this post, but it was not to be. I had to wait a little … Continue reading

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